Thursday 14 December 2017

Book of the year - Chelle from Tales of Yesterday

Chelle is one of my favourite bloggers and has become a really good friend in real life. Today, I'm handing over my blog so Chelle can share her book of the year. You can use the link here to check out her wonderful blog. 

This year has not been the greatest reading year for me. Not because of there being no great books as there have been SO many wonderful ones again this year, but personally I have struggled to read (I wrote a blog post about it here). I started the New Year off with such enthusiasm and excitement for all the bookish delights that were awaiting me and the book I decided to start with has ended up being one of my favourite books of 2017!

Caraval by Stephanie Garber captivated me from the very first page. I don’t normally read a lot of fantasy, but the premise of this book with a circus theme, mysterious feel and set in a magical fantasy world really appealed to me. I followed Scarlett as she left her tiny isle of Trisda after receiving an invitation from the mysterious Caraval, a once-a-year week-long performance where the audience participates in the show. I was mesmerised by the bright and vivid imaginary of Caraval. I fell in love with characters who made my heartache and turned pages as fast as I could to pull myself further into its magical world. And yes… I did fall in love with a mysterious, caped man called Legend even though it should have been forbidden and soon realised that I have a problem 'thing' for men in capes! Caraval was a marvel from start to finish and I literally cannot wait for the next book, Legendary, to be released….and yes maybe that is partly because of its namesake *swishes cape* , but mainly because this book was fantastic!

Thanks so much Chelle! I adored Caraval too and I hope 2018 is a better reading year for you. Tomorrow, head over to my blog to find out Olivia from That Fiction Life's books of the year.

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