About me

Welcome to my blog! My name is Amy McCaw and I'm a YA author and blogger. I review all genres of YA, with a sprinkling of adult and middle grade titles. I'm particularly drawn to dark, spooky subjects. Some of my favourite recent reads include Harrow Lake, The Reckless Afterlife of Harriet StokerGood Girls Die First and Wranglestone.

My debut novel, Mina and the Undead, will be published by UCLan in April 2021. The cover and blurbs are coming together and I'm beyond excited to share them!

Mina and the Undead is a YA murder mystery set during a vampire festival in 1995 New Orleans. More details coming soon!

My main interests are books, movies and the macabre. If I'm not reading or attending a book event, you'll probably find me scribbling away in my writing room, surrounded by movie memorabilia and an out-of-control signed books collection. I had a baby earlier this year and I'm loving being a mum!

I also enjoy travelling. I've visited 29 states in the USA and many bookish locations, including the cities where Twilight, Interview with the Vampire and The Vampire Diaries were set.

If you want to chat with me about books, 90s movies or anything else you can dream up, you can find me on Twitter or Instagram (@yaundermyskin).


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