Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Blood Moon review

During Frankie’s first sexual experience with lovely Benjamin, she gets her period. It’s only blood, they agree. No shame.

Then a graphic meme goes viral, turning their fun, intimate afternoon into something mortifying and damaging. And Frankie begins to wonder: is she disgusting?

As the online shaming takes on a horrifying life of its own, her universe implodes. But can laughter, bravery and the fiercest of friends help Frankie find her way out of the darkness?

I read Blood Moon a few weeks ago but haven't had chance to review yet between edits and a five month old baby! It's one of those books that I'm still thinking about and can vividly remember the things I loved about it.

Blood Moon is written in beautifully flowing, lyrical verse. The way it's presented on the page enhances the story and I found that the verse form made for a really emotive, sensory reading experience.

The subject matter of period shaming is one I've never seen tackled in a book before, and actually I rarely come across books that acknowledge characters even having periods. It's definitely a subject that needs more discussion and Blood Moon does this in an honest, compassionate way. There's also plenty of humour and relationship dynamics so the plot feels varied.

I found the characters in this book really interesting and fleshed out well. They have flaws, strengths and interests, and definitely come across like real teenagers. I loved how the book explores Frankie's passion for space.

Blood Moon is an absolute must read for everyone. It's thought provoking, smart, funny and so many other wonderful things in between. I loved it!


Sunday, 9 August 2020

Camp YA Tag


Welcome to my Camp YA Tag post! Pull up a sleeping bag, grab a s'more and find out all about my bookish camping recs.

Question One: What #CampYACup  team are you in?

Team Beaver for the win!

Question Two: What new release would you take away to camp?

Good Girls Die First by Kathryn Foxfield would be a fun choice for scaring the other campers.

Question Three: What book reminds you of your favourite camp snack?

I can imagine Lara Jean and Peter in To All the Boys I've Loved Before snuggling up with a sweet hot chocolate. 

Question Four: What book reminds you of your favourite camp activity?

My camp activity of choice is swimming, so I'd have to go for Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz, the story of two boys who connect at the local swimming pool. 

Question Five: What book moment would you like to recreate while at camp?

Ooh, that's a tough one! I think a bookish activity with The Paper and Hearts Society by Lucy Powrie would be fun.

Question Six: What book would you read around the campfire?

Harrow Lake by Kat Ellis would make a deliciously creepy campfire read!

Question Seven: What book character would you want on your #CampYACup team?

I think Karou from Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor would have my back.

Question Eight: What book character would be your rival at camp?

Serena from Gossip Girl would probably rub me up the wrong way!