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Black Knight Blog Tour - Review and Extract

Publisher: Scholastic (6th April 2017)

Maximum security! The world’s deadliest weapons tech needs some seriously beefy guards. So who put Dev and his mates in charge? By now, it’s not exactly news that letting the planet’s scariest weapons get stolen isn’t really the best idea. But how do you go about guarding them from utterly ruthless criminals whose tactics are impossible to predict? The answer is… a new squad of crack agents trained up by Dev and his buddies (yes, really). Their mission: to defend what’s left of the Inventory, and get back the stuff that’s been lost. At least Dev, Lottie and Mase know what not to do. But will they be ready for Shadow Helix’s next strike? (Publishers' blurb)

I've participated in the blog tours for Iron Fist and Gravity, so I was really happy to join the latest tour for the brilliant Black Knight. This is one of my favourite middle grade series, perfect for fans of Alex Ryder and the Cherub books. 

I'll share my thoughts, then below you can find a link to the very intriguing extract from the book. 

This book starts with some new members joining the team, which I thought was a great way to keep the series feeling fresh. The new team members added humour, conflict and new dimensions to the plot. A special mention goes to Riya: the smart, tough new girl that I really would have loved when I was a kid. 

One of my favourite aspects of this series is the villain, Lee. I'm a huge fan of complex, believable villains and it's great that this book delves more into Lee's perspective. 

Another thing I really liked is how much the plot progressed. The stakes were higher, new players were introduced and there was plenty of new and creative tech. I feel like each book in this series provides plenty of action and twists, but at the same time there are definitely mysteries left to be explored in future books. 

If you haven't already, I'd definitely recommend starting this series from the beginning and treating yourself to a fast-paced adventure. 

Now for the main event - the extract. This chapter focuses on Lee, the villain and one of my favourite characters. Click here and enjoy!


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