Thursday, 31 January 2019

Vote for Effie by Laura Wood – review

A wacky comedy for switched-on kids. Cute boys, chocolate cake and a fight for rights! Effie Kostas is on a mission. She wants to – no, she will – become Student Council President at her new school. She’s got her campaign team all lined up: a squad of loveable misfits who feel as strongly as she does about the big issues that really matter. You know, like gender imbalance, outdated school conventions – and good-looking boys who steal the last bits of chocolate cake at lunchtime. It’s time for change, and Effie is going to make change happen. So don’t hang around. Vote for Effie!

Laura Wood is amazing at writing books that leave you feeling uplifted. A Sky Painted Gold was one of my favourite books of last year (you can read my review here). Not only did Vote for Effie make me laugh and feel very happy, but it also had an important message that left me feeling really motivated.

A real strength of this book is the characters. I adored Effie and how much she cares about things that matter. Every character felt well developed and I particularly liked the relationship Effie has with her family. The dialogue is also witty and utterly believable.

Vote for Effie also felt very topical. It got me thinking about how if we want to make positive changes, we all have a part to play. It makes me happy that children will read this book (and adults too). I already passed my copy on to an eleven-year-old girl who I'm sure will love it.

I hope that there are more Effie books. I need more stories with her in them, but I think the world needs them too!

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