Friday, 16 August 2019

Dead Popular by Sue Wallman – review

The reigning queen bee, Kate, knows that you don't become the most powerful girl at school by playing nice. But when other students start revealing long-held secrets anonymously, she realizes someone is playing a much more dangerous game – and they know too much about Kate's past. If she doesn't figure out who's behind this, her final year at Pankhurst could be exactly that: her final year.

I'm a huge fan of Sue Wallman's YA thrillers. They're always a quick, fun and fast-paced read with plenty of intrigue. Dead Popular is no different, and in fact, I liked this one most of all.

The main characters were really interesting because Kate isn't always likeable and the characters don't always make the best choices. For those reasons, they felt so real to me, and I liked how Kate grew through the book. There's also a very sweet, slow-burning romance that I enjoyed a lot!

The boarding school setting is brilliant. It's one of my favourite YA scenarios and this book perfectly creates a sense of gossip, claustrophobia and social structure.

I also found the mystery completely absorbing and it was great fun trying to figure it out! There were plenty of possible suspects and it definitely kept me guessing.

I'll read everything Sue writes and this is another great thriller. I can't wait to see what she writes next!

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