Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Unnatural Souls by Linda Foster Novella Blog Tour

Publisher: Glass House Press

When Grace almost died, her brother sold his soul to a demon to save her. The demon will be back in a year to claim it. Since then, she's developed powers such as telekinesis and teleportation that she's struggling to control. Soon the year is running out and Grace has to find a way to save her brother's soul.

This is a short, enjoyable read that's perfect if you're in the mood for something paranormal. I found the plot a little slow at first when Grace was working out how to save her brother, but it soon kicked into gear with plenty of complications and rising conflict. The climax was exciting and set up lots of interesting ways that this series could go.

I really liked the premise of a girl wrestling with powers and her interactions with other supernatural beings (both good and evil ones). The importance placed on a sibling relationship was a refreshing change to romance and I think this could be developed well in a full-length novel. In some places, this felt like a condensed novel and potentially interesting scenes were brushed over.

This prequel is an intriguing start to the series and I will definitely pick up the first book to see how it turns out.

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