Friday, 17 November 2017

Strange Weather by Joe Hill - review

Publisher: Gollancz (7th November 2017)

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an open and honest review. 

Strange Weather is a collection of four chilling short novels, SnapshotLoadedAloft and Rain, which range from creepy horror to powerful explorations of our modern society. The stories, though unique in themselves, are connected by an overarching theme; extraordinary meteorological happenings, or strange weather, and will appeal to lovers of both crime and science fiction. (Publishers' information)

I'm a huge Joe Hill fan, so I was thrilled to receive Strange Weather. I loved the fact that this book has a thread running through it, but at the same time has so many different elements to offer. At different points, I was disturbed, moved, amused and even angry. This is a thought-provoking, very topical book, and it draws skillfully on several genres to create something that feels very unique. 

I connected strongly with all four stories. I've intentionally not included the full blurb for each of them, because for me it was great to go into this book without knowing too much about it. Each of the novels is unpredictable, gripping and different in its way, and they had some unsettling things to say about modern society.

The voice of Joe Hill's writing is incredible. Somehow, each story has a completely distinct voice that perfectly suits its plot. There were a few unifying elements that I really enjoyed, including the use of humour, pop cultural references, and visceral descriptions.

I also really responded to the characters in this book. All of the events were filtered through their views of the world, and I found something to like (or despise) in all of them.

This is a gripping, smart book, and I'm having to resist rereading it immediately.


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