Thursday, 16 May 2019

Serious Moonlight by Jenn Bennett – review

After an awkward first encounter, Birdie and Daniel are forced to work together in a Seattle hotel where a famous author leads a mysterious and secluded life in this romantic contemporary novel from the author of Alex, Approximately...

This was my first Jenn Bennett book and I loved it! The combination of romantic contemporary and mystery worked great together and felt very fresh.

The characters were my favourite thing about this book. Birdie's love of mysteries was a lovely touch set against the mysteries in the hotel. I really liked how each character had a believable backstory and not everyone turned out as I expected.

The Seattle setting was really great too. I love it when I've visited a place and an author captures it so perfectly! There was a mixture of real Seattle landmarks as well as those in the world of the book.

I also liked how Serious Moonlight didn't shy away from serious subjects, including the tragic history and losses suffered by some characters. I also appreciated how it had a character with narcolepsy and another who is deaf in one ear, as I haven't come across enough YA books that explore those conditions.

Serious Moonlight
has a compelling plot, and I enjoyed trying to figure out the mystery just as much as I was into the romance. If you're a fan of authors like TE Carter and Adam Silvera, I'd definitely check it out.

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  1. Lovely review, Amy. Sounds like a deep story.
    My sister visited Seattle in her early 20s. It sounds like a great place to visit for city landmarks.