Tuesday, 7 July 2020

The Loop by Ben Oliver – review

Luka Kane has been inside hi-tech prison the Loop for over two years. A death sentence is hanging over his head but his day-to-day routine is mind-numbingly repetitive, broken only by the books brought to him by the sympathetic warden, Wren. Then everything starts to change: rumours of war are whispered in the courtyard and the government-issued rain stops falling. On Luka's last, desperate day, Wren issues him a terrifying warning: breaking out of the Loop might be Luka's only chance to save himself - and the world ...

The Loop is the perfect escapist read, with a gripping plot that never lets up and an inventive, absorbing world. 

The plot of this book is so intriguing. It begins with a realistic portrayal of Luka's life in the Loop, gradually introducing readers to the world. I really loved the book references and it seems very appropriate for 2020 that Luka uses books for escapism. 

This is one of those books where the writing feels effortless. Each character has distinctive dialogue and characteristics, and the voice is immediately arresting. 

I also liked the science-fiction elements of the book. They're super creative and yet easily understandable for a science novice like me. 

This is a brilliant start to a series and I can see why it's been optioned for TV. It has a cinematic quality that will transfer really easily to the screen, and I can't wait to see where this series goes. 


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