Sunday, 19 July 2020

Victoria Stitch: Bad and Glittering review

Twins, Victoria Stitch and Celestine, are denied their royal birth-right. Celestine accepts the decision with good grace, but Victoria Stitch is consumed with her obsession for power.

The twins are like moonlight and sunshine - could it be possible to break free of the role you have been given, rewrite your story, and change your own destiny?

This is a gorgeous start to a new middle-grade series and is perfect for readers ready to move on from the Isadora Moon books.

Reading Victoria Stitch is such a sensory experience. The illustrations are beautifully Gothic and the setting is sumptuously described. It was one of those books where I want to eat the food and live in the world.

I loved the deliciously dark touches of this book, from the plot to the characters. Victoria is a fascinating character with so many depths and her relationship with Celestine felt really believable. 

This book really is a breath of fresh air. The plot is super unique and the dark fairy tale quality is great. I also found the magical system inventive and accessible for younger readers.

I had a lot of fun reading this and I can't wait to see what Victoria Stitch gets up to next!

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