Friday, 15 December 2017

Books of the year - Olivia from That Fiction Life

Olivia and I bonded on Twitter over one of her favourite books of the year and it was great to meet her in real life at YALC! You can use the links to check out her amazing blog and YouTube channel.

Royal Bastards by Andrew Shvarts

If there's one fantasy that you read in your lifetime, make it this one. Set in the captivating Kingdom of Noveris, it explores an interesting dynamic between an illegitimate daughter of a high ranking lord and her outcast companions as they stumble upon a crime they never should have seen. It’s full of sassy remarks that offer much needed comedic relief to the dark tone of the novel as vicious monsters and foreign villages are encountered. The contrasting personalities of each member of the gang also allows you to find someone to relate to throughout the story. All these characters have incredibly intricate back stories, trust me when I tell you will be floored.

Tarnished City by Vic James

If you have seen my completely normal and not obsessive at all chanting about this book, you know it's my favourite novel ever written. It follows the aristocracy in Britain who have magical powers and hold that superiority over the commoners by forcing them to give up ten years of their life in their service. Touching upon a lot of issues affecting society today such as politics and inequality, it is a very topical series with of course an added fantasy element. The most intriguing part of Tarnished City, which is the sequel to the first book, is how morally ambiguous the cast of characters are, there is never a time where you don't believe they all have ulterior motives, which makes this a thrill to read.

Thanks so much for your contributions Liv and for your beautiful photographs of the books! Check out my blog tomorrow to find out which books Non Pratt, author of the brilliant Truth or Dare, has chosen.

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