Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Wildest Dreams Book Box - December unboxing

The very first Wildest Dreams book boxes went out in December and I wanted to share how gorgeous mine was! The boxes start at £18 including postage, which is an absolute bargain, and there are different subscription options. You can find out more on Twitter (@wdbookbox) or on the website here

The company was started by the lovely Zoe, blogger and booktuber extraordinaire, who has excellent taste in books and has obviously put so much time and thought into this box. Every month you can expect a book, tea and other goodies.  

Now to the unboxing... I'm not the best at taking photographs, but I wanted to share how beautifully presented everything was.

I really liked how everything was wrapped - it just made the whole thing even more exciting! The branding on the stickers is also really cute.

This month's book was the perfect choice - I've wanted to read The Nowhere Girls for ages since Zoe reviewed it, but I hadn't yet bought a copy.  

This chocolate orange tea is absolutely delicious and I loved the fact that it's linked to a book (the excellent After the Fire by Will Hill!).

I've wanted one of these 'Sorting bathbombs' for so long, which fizz down to a charm that sorts you into a Hogwarts house. 

There was also a lovely 'Book of Fire' postcard and a bookmark signed by Michelle Kenney.

I loved my first Wildest Dreams box and I'll certainly be ordering more!

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