Monday, 18 July 2016

Inherited by Freedom Matthews Book Review

Series: Curses of VIII Book 1
Publisher: Oftomes Publishing (12th July 2016)

The Wilted Rose, of faery-tale and folklore, is a pirate ship filled with unfortunate souls-each forbidden to love. One such soul is Valencia 'Lennie' Roux. Raised in a brothel and an heir to a curse; Lennie never expected to pique the interest of any man. Yet with the arrival of vivid-eyed Nathaniel, she is torn between wanting to know him better and fearing what that knowledge would mean.

With Nathaniel bringing the crew's total to six, the Wilted Rose sets off in search of the remaining two heirs. They hope that in reuniting, they will convince the faery Sorceress responsible for the curse, to end it. However lurking beneath the water is a long standing enemy of the Wilted Rose; who is determined to thwart their quest and bring down its leaders. Together the eight heirs fight for survival, friendship and love. (Publishers' Blurb)

I love books, movies, games and basically everything to do with pirates so I was really excited to get this in my Fairy Loot Crate! 

The premise of a crew seeking to undo a curse was great (if a little familiar from 'The Pirates of the Carribean'.) What made this different was that the curse prevented sufferers from expressing their love. Plenty of romantic tension of course ensues... This was a little predictable from the moment the handsome young love interest joined the crew but I really enjoyed it!

Another thing I loved was the characters. I enjoyed unravelling their back stories and watching relationships developing between them. I hope that in the sequels there will be chance to delve into the strengths of the different members of the crew.

The fantasy aspects of this were also really strong, with curses, faeries and sorceresses of the good and evil variety. The world building in this book was great and I think there's lots of potential for future development.

This was an action-filled, compelling book and I'm already looking forward to the sequel!


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