Sunday, 3 July 2016

Paper and Fire by Rachel Caine Review

The world of the Great Library series is a particularly horrendous dystopia because people aren't allowed to own books! The Great Library controls the world's knowledge and rebelling against it has severe consequences (particularly the danger of being chased by disturbing automatons).

After the events of the last book, Jess Brightwell's only opportunity to work with the library was as part of its army. When a mission goes wrong, Jess and his team have to flee to London to escape the Library. The only problem with that is the army preparing to attack his home town.

I'm a huge Rachel Caine fan and the first book in the Great Library series (Ink and Bone) left me desperate for more! Paper and Fire is another brilliant title full of action, family dynamics, romance and books.

I loved how dark the world of this series is. It's so creative for the Library to be the ultimate power. This might sound brilliant in principle until it becomes clear that this is a repressive society where knowledge is locked away. I haven't read many YA books based on alternative histories and this is a unique, well executed idea.

Another strength of this series is the characters, as in all of Rachel Caine's books. There are so many from different cultures and backgrounds, yet each feels richly described as the hero of their own story.

I also really enjoy the pacing of the book. There's a perfect balance between humour and darkness; family and romance; action and quieter moments. The only times my attention wandered was where a few of the action scenes were on the long side.

This is another great book by Rachael Caine and I can't wait for the next title in this series! 'Paper and Fire' is out on 5th July so preorder it now if you haven't already!

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